I’ve been building websites for over 10 years now.

When I first started out I wanted to keep expenses to a minimum, like many people.

Firstly because I simply couldn’t afford much and secondly I wanted to see results before I committed to long term expenses.

You may have been thinking the same yourself. Maybe Bluehost or Hostgator – big established names, rock bottom prices.

Before you make up your mind I want to tell you about my recent (poor, then great) experiences.

Bad Hosting Idea

A couple of years ago I moved my sites from a shared hosting account with Hostgator to a more business minded hosting company (best remain nameless) recommended by a friend who was a customer of theirs.

His experience with them was fine and there were logical reasons for moving like site speed and bandwidth advantages.

It brought a year of frustration where support was poor (they seemed to think everyone should be an expert) and I was charged for add-ons I had only enquired about.

Enough of that!

BUT THEN In a moment of madness I read a small but progressive hosting company’s sales page.

Everything I could need and more for the price of a chocolate bar. I jumped.

And I found out they were super at writing sales pages.

  • Email accounts were an extra cost.
  • Support didn’t support.
  • etc.

Fine if I only want  a hobby website.

Why I Needed More

As I am going through John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success Program, where John helps partners build a long term income through Internet Marketing I realised I had to be serious. Check out John’s Product Creation Workshop here.

In choosing who could host my income generating website for years to come I had to have a hosting company to take all the worry out of that side of things so I could do what I needed to do.

  • A company I could have faith in.
  • Established
  • Transparent costs
  • Proven Support

Approachable whatever your level of expertise

Good Hosting Idea

Well the saying goes ‘you don’t know until you try’.

That being the case I’m off to a good start with D9 Hosting.

I had an initial chat with Paula, one of the co-owners before signing up and guess what?

Everything she promised has been put into action.

They took care of the full transfer of my sites, separating each to it’s own Cpanel free of charge.

They have 24/7 Technical support which has responded to me in as little as 15 minutes (which for a medium rated support issue is exceptional).

They have even helped with software install difficulties.

It seems no problem is too much.

D9 certainly have encouraged me to put my faith in their expertise and willing support with any site I build for the future.

There you have it.  The bad and the good. But it’s my real life experience.

In Summary

D9 Hosting may or may not be for you. It depends what you want to build and where you want it to take you. Hobby or long term Asset.

Just My Opinion.

By the way – D9 Hosting was started over a decade ago by two internet marketers who wanted to deliver a platform tailored to the needs of their peers. in that they have surely succeeded.

If you are interested you can check them out at D9 Hosting

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